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As a budding digital creative, including but not limited to digital marketing and social media management, I have found my passion in creating strategy and ideating content that aims towards establishing a strong online presence regardless of what industry that pertains to.
Throughout my career, I have found myself in the position to learn, develop and hone several different skills. I have had the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills by doing articles for the companies that I am currently working for as a Social Media Manager.
I am extremely confident in my leadership and management skills having managed several different teams in different countries. I am passionate about working with people in the context of leadership and training.
As well as having grown and excelled in different management positions, I have amassed experience in sales having worked as a retail manager and sales executive for MAC Cosmetics for 6 years.
In addition, I am a professional makeup artist with 7 years of experience so far.
My interests include writing, makeup artistry, literature, language and content creation.

1. Social media marketing
2. Content creation
3. Copywriting
4. Article writing
5. Organization
6. Problem-solving


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