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I am a very high-end User experience (UX), User interface (UI) in Strategic Communications and Design (Digital,/ Visual Content Development), Research, Advocacy Specialist with over 10 years of progressive hands-on work experience, having worked for INGO & corporate.

My ambition is to be an influential member of a dynamic team that enhances capacity, drives cross-cultural Communities worldwide, conceptualizing, and executes high-impact employees, and Community leadership by Sharing skills, Changing Lives, and “Working Smart “and “Delivering on Time”.



Beet Graphic Designer 2008
Awarded the best Logo Design award through Mc Master University and University of Witwatersrand by GLOBAL LABOUR JOURNAL
Best Democracy and Ethics Award - BRITISH COUNCIL 2009
Awarded the best British Council award in instilling the democratic principles by the rule of law in Africa through Interaction program through British Council South Africa.

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